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2014/11/25 v1.0.2 is out on iOS too! Facebook options are removed. Next update should improve performance for older devices!

2014/11/20 Windows Store version is out!

2014/11/19 There several issues with Facebook at the moment: the iOS version prompts to login immediately. Note that Facebook login is not needed to play the game! You can press cancel and it will return to the game. On Android, the game crashes when Facebook options are selected (fixed now). An update for iOS to fix this is now awaiting Apple review and will come out next week!


Not nearly as derivative as it first appears, this is a game that seamlessly combines various retro games with contemporary smartphone gameplay styles to create something new, and flirtatiously fun - 8/10 PocketGamer

If you are interested in trying out a mixture of platformer and endless game that is interesting, Super Bunny World is an alternative of Mario Bros, in which gets my recognition as a fun game - GamesInAsia

Do not worry because this game is simple and entertaining to throw away your boredom. You can get this game for free in play or app store. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now if you are curious with this game. - Oketekno



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