Are you ready to be challenged by Ghost Puzzle? Solve puzzles by matching colored blocks and catching ghosts. Lovers of puzzle games will find themselves right at home with a quirky story, easy-to-understand yet deep gameplay and a wide variety of puzzles.

*100 challenging puzzles to solve in Story mode
*Score Attack mode
*Endless mode
*5 Cutscenes
*Great graphics with smooth animations
*Online leaderboards with Game Center and Scoreloop

Death, the Ghost Reaper, is getting old and searches for a successor. As he hunts ghosts, he meets Angela, who agrees to take Death's test to become the next Ghost Reaper. And so begins Angela's adventure...

Ghost Puzzle is developed by

Hernan Zhou (HeiGames)
Game design, programming and graphics
Links: Blog, Twitter

Tom Titulaer
Sound and music
Links: Thinkfishmedia