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"I mean, really, what's not to like here?" - AppAdvice
"The game is just so damn cute and the music is adorable too" - Indiestatik
"The flow of the game is excellent and reminds you straight away of a Super Mario speedrun" - iphoneclub.nl

what is super bunny land

Endless runners come in many varieties. Some involve jumping over roofs, others have you run away from demonic monkeys or punch the snot out of monsters.
But why not take a simpler approach? A game that plays just like, well you know, that platformer? *cough*Mario*cough*. Using a unique control scheme never seen before in endless runner games.
Take the role of a cute bunny! Jump, collect coins, stomp enemies and grab carrots to power-up!

how to play

In Super Bunny Land, you don't have to press anything to move forward. There are two main buttons used to control your movement.


Slow down by pressing the left side of the screen. Jump by pressing the right side of the screen. Mastering the game involves using both! Use your skills to dodge enemies or to stomp them!


A third button is used when you acquire a power-up that allows you to shoot! Aim and obliterate your enemies!


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